Tuesday, 26 November 2013


As I told you in class, the writing part for tomorrow's exam is an email for a friend about your last holiday. Which means the exam must be done with past simple structures. But this is ot all; you also must use what we've been working on: sequency adverbs and special care with time prepositions (remember the first writing exam). Here you have the model we worked on in class. GOOD LUCK!!

Hi Alex

How are you doing? Are you alright? What about your last weekend? Did you have a good time. I did!! I'm going to tell you all about what I did last weekend.

(This is the beginning of the writing) On Saturday morning I woke up at 10. What time did you wake up? Well, after that I didn't watch TV but I had a big breakfast. I was starving!! In the afternnon I studied a little for my Science exam and then I met some friends about 6 o'clock. I didn't stay home at all. In the evening I spoke with my brother on the phone. He lives in NY but I didn't go out becuase I was tired. And you? Did you go out?

On Sunday morning I did some sport and I walked the dog for a while. Did you do some sport last weekend? In the afternnon I studied for the exam a little bit more and I felt thisrty so I drank a big glass of OJ. I didn't meet my friends. In the evening I made a salad for dinner and I watched a film, but I fell asleep on the sofa so I went to bed early. Did you go to bed early too?

Well, that's all for now. Hope you write back soon.

Take care.


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