Friday, 8 November 2013


In this pretty video you can find why giving a hand to those who are in need is really a goal. The other choice is to stand put and do nothing at all. When choosing the first you start up a chain that goes beyond what you can see and expect. You can put a stop to those who still feel uncomfortable when they have to help their neighbours, as if somebody was watching and laughing at you because you give help and that's not the usual thing to do. Have you been asked to do so? Why are you doing it then? Can you mind your own business? Kindness always move to a person who still don't have that, and kindness always become bigger! Watch the viseo and find the answers for these three questions but with no words. The video plays the great song by Noah and the Whale, if you give a little love. Click on this link to see it: IF YOU GIVE A LITTLE LOVE YOU START UP SOMETHING

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