Sunday, 13 November 2016


The past perfect tense is often used in English when we are relating two events which happened in the past. It helps to show which event happened first. This page will explain the rules for forming and using the tense.

Forming the past perfect tense: This tense is formed using two components: the verb HAVE (in the past tense), and the past participle form of a verb. With a regular verb the past participle ends with -ED (just like the simple past). Irregular verbs have a special past participle form that you have to learn. 

Example: I wanted to live in a foreign country, so I applied for a job in Japan. Judy had lived in Japan, so I called her to find out more about the culture and lifestyle there. (Judy no longer lived in Japan — she returned from there before I applied for the job.)

Click on the link to download the homework: English Homework

For more explanations and activities online: British council, Englishpage
For lots of graded activities online: Agendaweb, e-grammar

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